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Online gambling industry is one of the ever expanding industries available online. Currently it runs into billions of dollars.

Online casinos tempt the people to play by making attractive offers. Initially they let you play for free and even give you some cash or some other form of prize in case you win. Gambling industry thrives on gamblers some seasoned, some good and some reckless.

Gamblers try their luck on online slots, online poker, online bingo, online betting and online roulette some popular games in online casinos. Gambling Industry has mainly survived because playing online is much easier than on land. The jack pot is higher and so are the chances of winning that's why people are willing to risk their cash. The business pundits have predicted that the online Gambling Industry will increase drastically in the next few years.

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New ‘Babelfish’ Technology A Game Changer for Poker

Microgaming announces the launch of a revolutionary new technology for poker software. Babelfish, named after the fictional creature which performed universal translation, is a brand-new API which allows any software developer to create poker client software and run it securely on the MPN. Operators can develop software in any programming language, and using the Babelfish

New Regs Set to Take Effect for UK Online Gambling Firms

It has been a long time coming, but the end of 2014 is now in sight when new Parliamentary regulations in the UK will change for online gambling firms. First of October is D-Day!! The online gambling industry is turmoil over the decision made for all offshore licensees to apply for a secondary license to

NetEnt has signed an agreement with major gaming operator Betfair

NetEnt, Net Entertainment NE AB (publ) has signed an agreement with UK focused operator Betfair which is one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers. Founded in 1999 Betfair is a pioneer within online gaming holding gambling licenses in Gibraltar, Malta, Spain, Italy, the United States and Australia. Betfair’s revenues amounted to £387m

Investor Confidence High In Online Gambling

If you believe you are taking a gamble when investing in shares on the Stock Exchange, you would probably be correct. But this type of investment is more scientific than simply popping money in and pulling the arm of a slot machine. Now a slot machine is a random number game, and the player either

UK Government Changes Online Betting Advertising Regulations

The UK Government is about to make big changes in the lives of online gambling firms, but it is not only about poker, bingo, and casino websites; it affects sports-betting products too. Not only are Tax rules set to change, but advertising rules and regulations are also about to take a knock. Sports-betting online is

“Virtual Social Gambling” No Longer A Gamble For BIG Business

Multi- millionaires and even multi- billionaires have been made by the online gambling industry, and here we do no refer to players who have won big money. Although more than a few online multi-millionaires have been made when playing these games, the real winners are the people who dared to take a gamble, and offer

Online Gambling Market Reports New Growth For 2014

The latest trends in online marketplaces are regularly placed in the spotlight, none more so than trends in online gambling. This massive marketplace has continued to surprised researchers for years, and with development in mobile channels, continues to surprise even more. The latest trends and development findings from has found that this sector continues

Online Gambling Habits Under The Microscope

We don’t find it very surprising that online gambling habits are regularly placed under the microscope for industry scrutiny. Marketing methods have become more scientific over the years, in particular in the online space, where this industry is now a mainstream model for making money. Mobile game sales, spending rates, hours spent online and so

Online Gambling Affiliates Require A Change Management Strategy

The online gambling marketplace, while certainly not bottomed out, has become pretty saturated from the point of view of the affiliate industry. With the emergence of gambling online as a massive money spinner, quite a number of other sectors benefited off the bottom line. Advertising and affiliate marketing were two of these sectors. The online

William Hill Online and NetRefer announce new partnership

William Hill and NetRefer are pleased to announce their partnership to enhance William Hill Online’s Affiliates United program through NetRefer’s Performance Marketing suite. Rated by EGR Magazine as one of the most powerful gaming operators on the planet, William Hill Online is a significant partner and an exciting addition to NetRefer’s growing client base. This

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